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What exactly is
Plain and is a restaurant marketing company that coordinates food delivery. We partner with the finest local restaurants in the area so that businesses, residents and hotel guests can enjoy restaurant food without the hassle of going out. Most individuals are tired of limited options when it comes to food is the solution to that problem. We offer nearly every cuisine type and deliver your favorite food right to your office, front door or hotel room.

How does the process work? first partners with great local restaurants that are eager to offer their food to those who cannot make it to their restaurant. Our partnered restaurants' menus are then loaded into our website for easy online ordering.

Ordering is made quick and simple online by entering your zip code and address. Once your information is entered, available restaurants will be displayed. Simply click on the restaurant of your choice to view the menu. Select your items and customize your order, then click Checkout to finalize your order. If you don't have internet access or quite trust online ordering feel free to place your order by phone, but keep in mind phone orders are $1 additional and any credit card information is safe through our secured website.

Ok, I placed my order. What happens next?
Once we receive your order it will be placed in queue for the next available driver. Our drivers are busy driving all over town each night going from different restaurants to delivery points over and over again. Our delivery service is very different than say a traditional pizza shop where a driver will wait for the pizza to be cooked and are then dispatched.

With 919Dine your order is not placed with the restaurant until we have an available driver to dispatch. A common misconception is that orders that run a little long or close to the quote time will be cold or mushy. This couldn't be further from the truth. If an order is behind a little it simply means we did not have a driver immediately available. Once a driver is available your order is then placed and the driver arrives at the restaurant before the food even comes out of the kitchen. Our #1 goal is food quality and we stand behind that. Your order will be hot and fresh whether it's delivered in 30 minutes or an hour.

Our quote times vary from night to night. We are very similar to dining in at a restaurant. You may wait an hour with a very busy restaurant simply because all tables are full and the kitchen can only make so much food at a given time. We do our very best to staff enough drivers so that your order is delivered in 45-60 minutes every time you order (sometimes even sooner). Keep in mind we are also at the mercy of the restaurant. Our orders have to wait in line just like everyone else.

So your driver just picked up my meal from the restaurant, how will it be transported?
Our drivers use industry leading insulated delivery bags to ensure the highest possible food quality. Once your order leaves the restaurant kitchen, it goes right into your drivers bag and stays there until he/she arrives at your door. Our insulated delivery bags have built-in dividers so that cold items can be kept separate from hot items. Some drivers may elect to keep cold items in a separate bag. Our drivers are also trained to vent their bags when transporting foods that may get mushy from steam that could be trapped in their bag.

The driver now has my order, how will they find me?
All of our drivers are equiped with a GPS and a smart phone and are in constant contact with our dispatch center. When a driver is dispatched to a restaurant for delivery they are paged all pertinent information via text message. The page includes your restaurant of choice, order total, payment method, address, phone number, and gratuity. Drivers are also sent any special instructions you leave on your order. You may receive a phone call from your driver should they have difficulty locating your address. Apartment buildings can be particulary tricky, especially at night. We recommend leaving detailed instructions when necessary.

My food was just delivered and I love you guys!!
We had a feeling that might happen. Thanks we love you too! We hope you order again tomorrow :-)