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Click here to download our Menu Guide ad rate sheet. Menu Guide
: Used by Triangle residents, visitors, and students when ordering meals. Readers look at the Menu Guide over and over again as it sits on their conference table, by the phone, or on their coffee-table. All family members, co-workers, and roommates review this full-color glossy publication repeatedly (between 3-4 users of each magazine). Each time they look, they see your advertisement (strategically placed next to a popular menu)! This publication enjoys a 4-6 month shelf life and has one of the largest print runs of any single publication in the city.

  • Frequency: 3 times a year (Spring, Summer, Winter)

  • Quantity: 30-40K guides (each edition)

  • Content: Restaurant menus, ordering info, advertising sections

  • Distribution: direct mailed to affluent Triangle residences (homes, condos, and apartments). Also placed in:

    • Hotels: Placed in most hotel lobbies as well in most individual hotel rooms (many hotels use as their room service menu)

    • Residences: Every customer receives a Menu Guide with each order

    • Restaurants: Stocked and prominently displayed at all partnering restaurants

    • Grocery Stores: Our dining guides can be found in the entrance to every Kroger, Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Lowe's Foods throughout Apex and Cary.

    • Businesses: Displayed at over 2,000 businesses around town, including professionals (lawyers, accountants), office complexes, retailers, and high-traffic shops

  • Demographic: 18-65 demographic (young professionals, residents, doctors, nurses, students, families, and tourists)

  • ShelfLife: 3-4 months

    Hand-Delivered Coupon Outsert/Insert:  If you have a time-sensitive event that needs precision marketing or a long-term promotion, our hand-delivered fliers are the perfect advertising medium! Each time delivers a meal, your flier or brochure can be handed to a potential customer. Unlike unattended fliers that people ignore (on windshields, stuck to doors, or tacked to bulletin boards), our active distribution gets proven results! Pick the exact days to promote your business, or take advantage of this service by the week, month, or year. Each individual delivery reaches an average of 3-4 people so your flier gets bonus coverage!
  • Frequency: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

  • Quantity: approximately 80 deliveries per day

  • Content: your pre-printed flier or brochure (up to 8.5 x 11)

  • Distribution: to homes, condos, apartment complexes, hospitals, area businesses, and hotel rooms

  • Demographic: 18-65 demographic (young professionals, residents, families and, and tourists)

  • Shelf-life: varies (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly)
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We wish much continued success to all of the local business owners in the Cary/Apex/Raleigh area.