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919Dine gift certificates are the perfect gift for any occasion. Our gift certificates take the guess work out of gift giving

and work in a pinch. We have had hundreds of customers purchase our gift certificates for friends, co-workers and family members. Our flexible gift cards allow you to purchase any amount necessary.

Here are just a few examples of those who have benefited from our gift certificates:

  • New moms who have recently given birth

  • Sick co-workers who need a pick-me-up. Take an office collection for one big gift certificate.

  • Out of state friends and family members celebrating a birthday or anniversary

  • Single parents who need extra time for their family

Our gift certificates are as easy to use as a credit card. When you purchase a gift card, we create a 16 digit pre-paid card number with an expiration date. When your recipient places their order online or by phone, they simply enter the card number and expiration date. Their pre-paid certificate can be used for the entire transaction, this includes delivery fees and driver gratuity. It couldn't be any easier to give the perfect gift!